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Spam Wars:

by Danny Goodman

BEST SPAM WARS, Our Last Best Chance to Defeat Spammers, Scammers & Hackers

like many other wars we've known seem to go on and on with no apparent ending or resolution. You'll notice those other "spam" books suggested up there. I've read them too. And I've promoted them through the AACUG, User Group and Design Bookshelf web sites. I've quoted them in the AACUG's Anti-Spam initiative. But this is probably the most important book about the genre -- the level-headed, common sense book about spam -- how to avoid it and fight it.

Danny helped millions of us become proficient computer users, and hyperscript programmers at the dawn of the desktop computing revolution. His level grasp of concepts coupled with his friendly manner made the world of computing understandable and comfortable. Now, he's taken up the torch to arm us and help us safely through the SPAM WARS.

This book does the best job I've seen to date on actually putting a finger on what spam is, who the spammers are, how they operate and what you can stand to lose if they get you in their grasp. Yea, I know -- you're going to say you've heard it all before. I thought I had heard it all before too. But Danny's presentation is very different from all the web sites and books on the topic. You really haven't heard it in the clear, understandable fashion presented in SPAM WARS.

Targeting the beginner, the uninitiated, and even a few of us 'old dogs', Danny walks the reader through the entire spectrum of spam. He covers the Government and Legislation. He addresses phishing, stalking, predators, zombies, and all the other evil tricks the denisons of the slime pits of spam employ to breach your walls. He guides you to understand how they work, what their goals are and how you can keep them from stealing, defrauding, misleading, and damaging you, your family and your loved ones. "Know Thy Enemy"

But this book is really not about spam fighting as popularized online. It's an education which imparts the knowledge necessary to effectively keep spam from harming you. Think of it as self-defense.

More importantly it's a call to the aid of your community -- learn the techniques of disarming the spammers at their very roots -- share that knowledge with every other computer user you know. Help those who are clueless, uneducated and at risk -- to understand how to guard themselves against the spam attack.

Danny shows you how to recognize it, how to handle it, and how to go after the spammer's most vulnerable spots.

You are now enlisted in the SPAM WARS. Here is your arsenal of weapons. Read it, learn it, act upon it, and then GIVE IT to your neighbor. Go out there and make us all proud.

Danny Goodman

Author and technology guru Danny Goodman has over 2 million books in print, including best-sellers The Complete HyperCard Handbook, with 650,000 copies in print (Bantam); JavaScript Bible, with one half million copies in print (Wiley); and Dynamic HTML, with over 100,000 copies (O'Reilly).


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by Danny Goodman

Publisher: Select Books (NY) Paperback: 330 pages; List Price: $17.95 - buy now: Price: $12.21 and You Save: $5.74 (32%)

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