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We the Media

by Dan Gillmor

BEST I was reading this book all through the 2004 elections, and it actually fired me up to write my November 60-Second Window which references the book.

For the first time, bloggers have been awarded press credentials to cover the national political conventions. That's a harbinger of bigger changes in the media landscape, according to nationally known columnist Dan Gillmor. His new book, We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People, tells the story of the grassroots journalists-including bloggers-who are dismantling Big Media's monopoly on the news.

Through Internet-fueled, interactive vehicles like weblogs, these readers-turned-reporters are transforming the news from a lecture to a conversation. They're publishing in real time to a worldwide audience that's eager to read their independent, unfiltered reports. And the impact of their work is just beginning to be felt by professional journalists and the newsmakers they cover. We the Media sheds light on this deep shift in how we make-and consume-the news.

We the Media is essential reading for all participants in the news cycle:

At its core, We the Media is a book about people. People like Glenn Reynolds, a law professor whose blog postings on the intersection of technology and liberty garnered him enough readers and influence that he became a source for professional journalists. Or Ben Chandler, whose upset Congressional victory was fueled by contributions that came in response to ads on a handful of political blogs. Or Iraqi blogger Zayed, whose Healing Irag blog ( scooped Big Media. Or "acridrabbit," who inspired an online community to become investigative reporters and discover that the dying Kaycee Nichols' sad tale was a hoax. Give the people tools to make the news, We the Media asserts, and they will.


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by Dan Gillmor

Hardcover: 304 pages Publisher: O'Reilly; 1st edition (August, 2004); List Price: $24.95 - buy now: Price: $15.72 and You Save: $9.23 (37%)

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