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The Graphics Master

A Classic Updated

graphics master We've been telling you about the Graphics Master for at least fifteen years, and while the digital world took the printing industry by storm, the wealth of information found in this book never goes out of style. In fact, the new, revised and updated edition of the 'Master' links the new digital prepress applications and traditional print production methods, systems and techniques into one convenient package in a concise, easy-to-find-and-use format.

The advent of the computer and desktop publishing brought another change in the industry. Now the computer user is held responsible for getting the project produced correctly, and to make sure prepress functions are in order. So unlike the days of traditional publishing, you'll find yourself in charge of typography, color separations, prepress imaging, internet web site production and other services that you may not be prepared for.

graphics master GRAPHICS MASTER 8 brings together all the vital guidelines and technical specifications that are so hard to find just when needed most. It's organized in a concise, indexed format giving you instant access to instant answers. Additionally, it fills a void overlooked in today's design training - industry specifications and standards. Many think that you can now do all the work on your computer, that you do not need to know the nitty-gritty details. But that's not true.

Graphics Master 8 includes sections for every phase of graphic arts production: Digital Imaging, Printing Processes, Typography, Imagesetters, Graphic Arts Photography, Photomechanics, Halftones, Electronic Scanners (high-end drum and CCD desktop), Process Color, Color Separation methods and techniques, Color Correction, Proofing methods and systems (film and digital), Stripping and Assembly, Imposition, Image Carriers, Computer-to-Plate, Printing Papers, Presses, Inks, Binding and Finishing, Envelope styles and sizes, ISO Metric Paper sizes and grammage, a complete Graphic Arts Glossary and much, much more.

The expanded 8th edition includes new sections on Electronic Composition and Imaging, Desktop Color, Digital Color Presses, Desktop Printers and Proofing systems, Bitmaps. Outlines, Rasters, Vectors and RIPS, Fonts, Adobe PostScript, ATM, TrueType, Open Type, Page Layout, Image Process-ing and Computer-to-Plate programs. There's also a Process Color Selector Guide that has cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) color combinations and screen values for over 2,800 colors in each of two 24-page sections. They are printed on both coated and uncoated paper and bound one above the other to provide a direct comparison. Die-cut masks permit isolating any color for easy matching.

fitting aidsThere's a Typeface Selector Guide with 1,768 one line typeface specimens and a copy-fitting system. Alphabet showings for 540 PostScript Type One typefaces are catalogued and cross referenced with cpp (characters per pica) key numbers for 6 to 14 point sizes. Just read the scale on the indicated key number to find the average number of characters in your chosen face in any line.

A Type Weight Comparison Guide shows, at a glance, paragraphs of 79 popular typefaces set solid and with leading. There's an 11 inch laminated plastic die-cut Line Gauge and Ruler for measuring inches, picas and centimeters which contains a pica/inch centering rule and scales for measuring type lines from agate to 17 point sizes. A built-in Proportion Scale provides dimensions and percentages for reducing or enlarging art and copy.

Graphics Master Sinced first introduced, twenty-three printings of GRAPHICS MASTER have been produced and sold throughout the world, It is beautifully reproduced in five colors. Indexed sections are printed on coated bristol stock and bound in a hard-case cover combined with a sturdy Wire-O double wire mechanical binding opens flat and handles easily.

Graphics Master 8 can be purchased or ordered from Art Material Supply stores, Specialty Book stores, or direct from the publisher at A student edition with special quantity discount pricing is available. Call the publisher at 1-800-562-2562 for details

Graphics Master 8

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