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Paperback - 304 pages (February 26, 1999) Peachpit Pr; ISBN: ; Dimensions (in inches): 2.33 x 8.99 x 7.01 WindowMAC

Windows for Mac Users

by Cynthia L. Baron, Robin Williams

You have a Mac; you love your Mac. But your job requires you to work with a computer that runs Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4. This unfortunate circumstance means you need to acquire some special skills--the least among them being an ability to cope with Windows' usage that varies greatly from that of the Mac.

In fact, even Windows varies on Windows computers, with dozens and dozens of elements that don't usually work, nor can the Windows tech support people tell you how it works. It's amazing. Even the people who make the software shrug their shoulders when you have the the simplest problems. So if you have to bend over for one of these computers, you'll need some help.

Windows for Mac Users will show you how to make the transition and where you will need to look for the differences.

The book uses Mac terminology to explain how Windows operates. (You'll need it because even some of the keys on the keyboard are usually labeled wrong!) The way Gates took the Finder and other metaphors, Microsoft was unable to actually make it function correctly. They also had to change just enough to side-step the legal system.

If you're wondering what the System folder looks like on a Windows 98 machine or how to create an alias under Windows NT, Baron and Williams--unabashed Mac fans--have answers for you.

They also have information on why closing a document and quitting an application are different operations under Windows. They even cover TweakUI--a downloadable utility--as a means of fixing some of Windows' most annoying traits. Unfortunately, the authors sometimes resort too quickly to the "that's beyond the scope of this book" excuse... Understandbly... here's a computer that has no idea where it is at any given time -- 9 out of 10 PC users can't tell you where they saved a file.

Windows for Mac Users also provides information for Mac users who need to share files and other information with Windows users. While their information on color palettes and filename extensions is excellent, they leave out detailed information on networking Macs and PCs together. Nonetheless, Mac users who are out of their element will find this book helpful.

If you find yourself in a position to work with the Windows platform. This book can be a big help. The authors explain the unfamiliar details of PC hardware, keyboards, and the two-button mouse, and point out what's missing from the picture as well as what's new for Mac users. Readers will get Mac-to-Windows keyboard shortcuts and directions on how to rename and transfer their Mac files to a PC. Written in a clear, sympathetic, and humorous style as only Robin Williams can write it.

"Two thumbs up for an important book at an important time! It's the only book available that specifically targets this growing audience of Mac users being assimilated by Windows ... most important of all, it's easy, and fun."

Keywords: Computer: Mac: software, How-To, Apple, control, extensions, security, networking (Mac) - 9/1/99

Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters

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Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters
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