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TechTV Leo Laporte's 2004 Technology Almanac

Why is this book in the "BEST" line-up for 2003 -- in a graphic design oriented publication and web site??? Simple: visual communicators above all other PC users should stay up to date and be "in the know" about the tools they use in crafting their visions! This book is a blockbuster of fun and information!

Leo Laporte's entertaining approach to the world of computing covers a broad spectrum of general-interest computing subjects. It's ideal for the competent and curious, but not expert, reader who appreciates a pointer or two as he or she learns how to be a power user.

It's an almanac! No, it's a calendar!, No it's both!

And it's downright fun and informative
Amazon.com's reviewer David Wall says:

"This book organizes itself around calendar year 2004. Each day of the year, a page makes fun reading, typically focusing on some aspect of configuring an operating system (Windows XP, Mac OS, and occasionally Linux), a piece of software, or a set of related Web sites. The nuggets of knowledge--contributed by people from Laporte's Screen Savers television program--make you want to try out whatever they're describing, so be prepared to install software and do some surfing!"

Who loves it?

Tech TV Guy Just about everyone. This is fun general-interest computing for people who are comfortable with their machines and want to become competent enough to teach others. There's lots of information here from short 'bursts' of fun facts to fairly complicated passages of serious information: it ranges from adjusting Windows XP's behavior to your liking, to extending PDA battery life, to using the Web to find friends. You read what you want, and leave the rest.

About the Authors

Leo Laporte, Megan Morrone TechTV's The Screen Savers --a daily live variety show hosted by Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton -- featuring guest interviews and celebrities, remote field pieces, product advice and demos, and software reviews. Each day, viewers are invited to join in the fun by calling-in with their questions and comments via TechTV's Intel Netcam Network, email, and telephone calls. Each show delivers the ins and outs of technology with helpful tricks of the trade and live product demonstrations.

TechTV Leo Laporte's 2004 Technology Almanac
A lot of fun, a lot of information and a real bargain at $17.49 -- Paperback: 552 pages from TechTV (New Riders); 1st edition


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