2003 Best

The Hidden Power
of Photoshop Elements 2

By Richard Lynch

Richards "Hidden Powers" came to us too late in December of 2002 to be included in the 2002 "Best" line-up, and there have been no books during 2003 which quite touch the hidden powers of this book for Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Elements is quite often passed over by beginners thinking they need to move directly into Photoshop. Others have already discovered that Elements is basically everything Photoshop is with the exception of the high-end CMYK, pre-press features. If you consider Elements not powerful or full-featured enough for serious image correction -- think again. Richard's book has opened the eyes of so many new users, teaching them that Photoshop was unnecessary. This is a landmark book.
      But don't take our word for it -- read this testimonial sent in by a Design Cafe subscriber: Photoshop for "shallow" pockets

Hidden menu included in CD The techniques found in this book along with Richard's custom Hidden Power Tools (included on the CD) allow you to go beyond the weekend digital snapshots and move into powerful image enhancements and actually unlock the key Photoshop features most people think aren't there! (Click illustration at right.)

You'll delve into curves, channel separations in RGB -- and CMYK. You'll discover all the masking and blending properties usually attributed only to the ivory tower Photoshop users. You'll generate custom separations, and image luminosity in photo-realistic objects you generate from scratch, as well as adding them to existing images. A collection of custom tools included on the CD provide a simple interface to access incredibly powerful functions and effects that will simplify and change the way you work with images -- consistently improving your final results.

Most importantly you get a benefit from this book you won't find in the Photoshop circles: help. Richard's supporting web site has become his passion, making the author accessible. In the Design Center and Photoshop 911 we've attempted to enlist the help of 16 of the leading Photoshop authors on several occasions during the year. Only Richard, Sharron, Katrin and Gary have ever answered. This says something about these artist's sincere interest in their readers.

Richard actually excels beyond the call of duty. He maintains an updated collection of Elements essentials on the hiddenelements.com web site including sample chapters, extra add-ons and plug-ins and most importantly an ongoing dialog with reader's questions. He answers these questions but also helps readers utilize the materials on the CD along with the lessons in the book optimizing the reader's learning experience. He points you to specific passages in the book.

Hidden Powers

  • Create dynamic images for the Web using animation and rollovers
  • Correct and enhance image tone and color with Curves, Color Balance, and custom layer-blending tools
  • Make complicated masks and advanced selections to easily target your corrections
  • Create original, scalable line art for logos by harnessing the power of customized vectors
  • Work with Curves, CMYK, Color Separations
  • Channels, Channel Mixing, Calculations, one-step digital noise reduction
  • Use custom shapes, Snapshots, animation, and slices,
  • Manipulate Color Balance, masking, enhanced sharpening,

Best book for Photoshop Elements

We've been advocating Photoshop Elements as the ideal start-up program for beginner image editors -- as well as a fitting Photoshop surrogate. Now we add Richard Lynch's The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2 to that recommendation to round-out the full promise of Elements. Obviously we're not alone in calling this the quintessential resource for Photoshop Elements users:

Jim McGee of Vivid Light Photography Magazine, VividLight.com says: "If you work the examples from front to back your understanding of Elements will go way beyond most."

Adam Bell from DigitalMediaNet.com says: "This release by Richard Lynch may be the one Elements book you should get."

We say: This book establishes the most convincing reason to purchase Elements instead of Photoshop. Lynch unleashes all the hidden powers in Elements that Adobe doesn't like to mention!

Hidden Powers of Photoshop Elements

  • List Price: $40.00; Price: $28.00; You Save: $12.00 (30%)
  • Paperback: 336 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.69 x 11.14 x 7.70; Publisher: Sybex; Book and CD-ROM edition; Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Download sample chapter: Separating Color and Tone (5.05MB PDF)

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