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AVA Layout & Color

We told you about AVA publishing earlier in 2003, and predicted they would become a major force in high-end graphic design and visual communications books. Our original line of AVA books excelled in exquisite presentations of learning for digital and traditional designers and digital photographers. These two rise to the top of the heap for layout and color theory. While they are slated for April of 2004 delivery, we got our hands on advanced copies, and can guarantee you won't be disappointed by making your advance order NOW.

Digital Color for the Internet & Other Media

by AVA Publishing

digital layoutIn AVA's E-Design series, this beautifully presented book shows designers how to implement color in a sophisticated way across a range of digital media. Using a primarily visual approach, this guide takes a detailed look at the technical foundations underlying digital and the specifics of color on screen.
  • Open a "color toolbox" to see how each shade works in real-life applications;
  • Find out how to improve comfort and readability;
  • Discover screen options that would have been impossible on paper;
  • Learn the meanings different cultures attach to color.
Digital Color for the Internet and Other Media is a superb tool for learning the true power of color. List Price: $34.95 - Paperback: 160 pages, Publisher: AVA Publishing; (April 2004)

Digital Layout for the Internet and Other Media

by David Skopec

As with traditional design media, layout is an integral part of the designing process -- yet is distinctly separate and equally important. As digital media slowly replaces traditional paper formats, knowledge of the digital layout environment becomes essential. Using a methodical approach, this is the first guide of its kind to deal specifically with layouts for screen-based media.

Three distinct areas -- design, system, and experience -- form the basis of a thorough discussion of layout theory and conceptualization. Terms heretofore loosely defined, such as interface, montage, topology, and visual gestures, are given precise meaning and placed into appropriate context. The result is a treasure trove of information that provides designers with one more piece to the digital media puzzle.

Digital Layout for the Internet and Other Media List Price: $34.95 Paperback: 160 pages, Publisher: AVA Publishing; (April 2004)

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