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for the visual communications fields.

Inside The
Publishing Revolution
The Adobe Story

by Pamela Pfiffner
Adobe Books Peachpit Press

One of the best of the best
designer, visionary,
educator, friend.

Phillip B. Meggs
1942 - 2002

... Phil Meggs passed away on Sunday, November 24. He was outstanding in all that he did as a teacher, writer, designer, historian, and artist. In 1968, he began teaching in the Communication Arts and Design Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, chairing the department from 1974 to 1987. In ddition to his teaching at V.C.U., he served as visiting faculty at Syracuse University and the National College of Art Design, Dublin. His first book, A History of Graphic Design, was published in 1983, and remains today the definitive work on that subject. He wrote over a dozen books and 150 articles and papers on design and typography, including the section on graphic design in the Encyclopedia Britannica. He was a brilliant designer and artist whose work was included in the Art Director's Club Annual, Graphics Annual, and Print Magazineís Regional Design Annual. Most recently, he was inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame, receiving their Educator's Award for lifetime achievements that significantly shaped the future of the fields of design education and writing. Although he is best known for his books, he said, "Of all the things Iíve been involved in, I am most proud of my children and my students."
Memorial contributions may be made to the Philip B. Meggs Scholarship Fund, care of the Communication Arts and Design Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, 325 N. Harrison Street, Richmond, Virginia 23284.

BEST BOOKS of 2002
Designing Across Cultures
by Ronnie Lipton
Creative Thinking in Photoshop
by Sharon Steuer
Photoshop 7 Savvy
by Steve Romaniello, Sybex
One Click WOW - Elements
by by Jack Davis, Linnea Dayton
Web Pages That Suck:
Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design
by Vincent Flanders, Dean Peters
Revival of the Fittest
by Philip B. Meggs (Editor), Roy McKelvey (Editor)
Graphically Speaking
A Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer-Client Communication (Graphic Design)
by Lisa Buchanan
Digital Book Design & Publishing
by Douglas Holleley
Photoshop Type Effects Visual Encyclopedia
by Roger Pring
Design Issues
How Graphic Design Informs Society
Edited by D.K. Holland
The Web Design CD Bookshelf
by O'Reilly Books, various authors

Special Citations
For extraordinary ongoing excellence in publishing, we recognize these serials as the very best in the industry:
Inside Photoshop 7, Special Edition (series)
___ New Riders, (Photoshop Graphic Techniques)
The Illustrator WOW Book (series)
___ Peachpit, (Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Techniques)
The Photoshop WOW Book (series)
___ Peachpit, (Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Techniques)
The Little Mac Book (series)
___ Peachpit (Macintosh)

Hall of Fame Books
In a world of planned obsolescence and short-life computer technology, we've selected these books as all-time best books for their enduring lessons and timeless value.
Revival of the Fittest
by Philip B. Meggs (Editor), Roy McKelvey (Editor)
Designing Across Cultures
___ by Ronnie Lipton
Type Rules, The Professional's Guide to Typography
___ North Light, F&W (Graphic Design)
Type In Use, 2nd Edition
___ McGraw Hill, Design Press, (Publishing)
Arts & Crafts Computer
___ Peachpit, (General)
Steal This Book 2
___ No Starch Press, (General)
How Computers Work, 6th Edition
___ QUE, (General)

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or "Why did I spend my money for THAT?"
Photoshop 6 Photo-Retouching Secrets, New Riders
Web Design Essentials, Adobe Press
Photoshop 7 Killer Tips, NAPP/New Riders
Web Site Redesigns, Adobe Master Class, Adobe Press

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