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Holiday Gift Giving is just around the corner... for designers, illustrators, photographers, desktop publishers, web designers, and anyone involved in putting images and words on paper or the web. We post only books we have read for value to you -- and omit others that are not so good . We encourage you to send in YOUR REVIEWS!

Creating a Digital Family Album

coverCreating a family history isn't just a project, it's an obligation to future generations. An important component of such a history is a digital album, including pictures of as many family members as you have, old and new. Few of us have pictures of our ancestors dating further than the early twentieth century, but some people are fortunate to have very early photographs of their ancestors during the American Civil War and beyond. Why not scan and preserve these pictures - and distribute them as digital family albums for everyone in the family to treasure? Read these online content chapters...
Working with Digitally Captured Images
Digitizing Existing Pictures with Scanners, and
Creating a Digital Family Album
Adapted from Frederic H. Jones' latest: Digital Photography Just The Steps For Dummies

Photoshop CS2 For Dummies

Peter Bauer is the Help Desk Director for a leading Photoshop organization, as well as author of a half-dozen books on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. His new book Photoshop CS2 For Dummies gives you a beginners introduction to Photoshop with the added bonus of an expert's mentoring. Go ahead and download this free chapter and learn what Photoshop does very well, kind of well, and just so-so. This is a 7 megabyte PDF file... "Welcome to Photoshop!"

Photoshop CS2 All-in-One

The Photoshop CS2 All-in-One Desk by Barbara Obermeier offers more than 650 pages in full color for less than $40 -- making this one-stop Photoshop reference an exceptional value. The book is thoroughly updated to cover new features and enhancements in the latest release; and is actually ten self-contained minibooks: Photoshop Fundamentals; Image Essentials; Selections; Painting, Drawing, and Typing; Working with Layers; Channels and Masks; Filters and Distortions; Retouching and Restoration; Photoshop and the Web; and Photoshop and Print:
Prepping Web Graphics Bonus Chapter 1 PDF (2.65 MB)
Slicing and Showing Web Images Bonus Chapter 2 PDF (1.20 MB)
Other Sources of Information Bonus Chapter 3 PDF (1.93 MB)... or get the book... Photoshop CS2 All-in-One

Choosing and Using Spyware Blockers

You have a significant challenge right now: You need to choose a good spyware-blocking program. These days, standards for what good spyware-blocking software should do are still taking shape, and few good reviews comparing the products are available. In fact, this market is so young that the terminology is still pretty fluid, and different products may refer to the same feature with different names.
      Adapted From: Blocking Spam & Spyware For Dummies By Peter H. Gregory, Mike Simon Read the Article Choosing and Using Spyware Blockers

Figuring Out How Cookies Work

To enhance your online experience, the makers of Web browsers, such as Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer, have invented a type of special message that enables a Web site to recognize you when you revisit that site. They thoughtfully store this info, called a cookie, on your very own machine to make your next visit to the same site smoother.
      Adapted From: Fighting Spam For Dummies by John R. Levine, Margaret Levine Young, Ray Everett-Church. If you have e-mail, you have spam-that annoying electronic junk mail that jams your inbox, sometimes makes you blush, and takes a lot of the fun out of your online experience. Spam wastes thousands of hours and costs you, the recipient of the stuff you don't want, thousands of Dollars a year. Read an excerpt from this book in PDF format. Read Figuring Out How Cookies Work

A Draggable Dock

Have you ever found that pop-up Dock a nuisance during a particular project? You can temporarily move it with one click by holding down the Shift key, clicking directly on the Dock's divider line (on the far right side of the Dock), and dragging the Dock to left or right side of your screen. When you quit the application you are working in, Shift-click on that divider line and drag it back to the bottom.
      This Tip, courtesy of Peachpit Press is excerpted from Scott Kelby's Mac OS X Killer Tips

Up to Speed with the iLife

Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps, Second Edition: A guide to iLife 05, .Mac, and more by Robin Williams and John Tollett is a wonderful companion volume to Robin Williams The Little Mac Book. Because Apple now provides a long list of useful applications with Mac OS X, its state-of-the art operating system, it's impractical to cover all of the Mac OS in one volume. This book gives you detailed explanations and tutorials of the main applications that Mac OS X installs on your computer. grab a copy of A guide to iLife 05

Great alternative to Microsoft Office?

Want an alternative to Microsoft Office? Apple thinks that it has the contender. Matthew David gives you a first-hand look at Apple's new iWork software: a presentation tool (Keynote 2) and a document design application (Pages). Does iWork cut the mustard, or is it just an imitation? Download this free chapter excerpted from Creating Keynote Presentations with iWork: Visual QuickProject Guide by Matthew David.... read: iWork: Apple's Alternative to Microsoft Office?

Upgrading to Tiger? Get This...

coverUpgrading to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickProject Guide by Tom Negrino absolutely is the best investment of nine bucks if you're upgrading. We've found the edition invaluable in numerous situations of Apple's quirkish new features. The real value of getting the book BEFORE you upgrade is knowing all that needs to be done before, during, and after the upgrade -- so, here are the need-to-know essentials that will ensure a smooth transition to Mac OS X Tiger in one, short, easy, handbook: Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Mac OS X Tiger Pocket Guide

This concise guide introduces you to the fundamental concepts of using Mac OS X Tiger, including over 250 tips and tricks for using and configuring your system. It concentrates a wealth of tables, common keyboard shortcuts, tips for configuring your Mac, and an introduction to issuing basic Unix commands using the Terminal application into a package that is literally small enough to fit in your pocket... Mac OS X Tiger Pocket Guide

Repair your permissions!

We didn't realize it, but until these articles hit we were wondering if we had bugs or virus or a defective operating system. But if you read these two chapters by Larry Loeb, you see that we still need simple Unix skills in OS X to this very day. Even though OS X is graphically based, you sometimes need to punch out command-line instructions to get things done. Larry Loeb continues his series on permissions by looking at using the GUI tools of OS X (version 10.3.9) to manipulate important file attributes.
      See: Repairing Permissions Part 1, and Part 2... then get the book Unix for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide

Taking Unix Online

While we're talking about Tiger and UNIX, you can download this free PDF chapter "Taking Unix Online," from Dave Taylor's new Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger book. This new edition is thoroughly revised and updated for Mac OS X Tiger, and introduces Mac users to the Terminal application and navigating the command interface. Explore hundreds of Unix applications that come with the Mac, and, most importantly, take advantage of both the Mac and Unix interfaces. If you want to master the command line, look no further than Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger

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